Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guess who's got a new patio?

Mom called Monday evening to tell me about their latest home improvement project. Through the years my parents had always done their own remodeling, but some of their more recent projects would prove to be a bit much for either. Dad having finally agreed to contract out the tougher projects, watched as the landscaping crew started work on their new patio. A couple of years ago they had French doors added to the entry of the dining room and had been waiting to add on the patio.

They had decided they wanted one make of natural stone set in sand to compliment their bank yard landscape. Mom didn't say what type of stone they used, but I can only imagine it is light in color. Now the only thing needed is a set of new patio furniture with a natural look like the one in the picture. A cozy setting for a romantic dinner for two. I can see Mom and Dad now, sitting outside feeding the squirrels while sipping on some sparkling cider.

Pictures of the patio after our visit this coming weekend!

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