Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day with a twist or two!

Yesterday was Mother's Day, one spent with loved ones and hearing from those unable to be present for the day. Lisa and Pamela both wished me a happy day from their homes in VA and NJ, wishing they could have been here for the days events. As we began our day we headed to my parents to celebrate the day with them and to spend a relaxing afternoon with family, food and fun.

Most everyone stopped by while we were there, Neal and Sandra, Steve, Tracy and Ashley, Greg (who is presently living with our parents), and Ryan, Jenn and me. David and Cameron had stopped by on Saturday in order for them to spend Mother's Day with Teri (Cameron's mom). It's so nice to be close enough to spend these days together.

After our visit we headed home. We were trying to dodge the storms headed to our area and hoped we had timed it just right. Well, it didn't happen. Steve and his family left about 30 to 45 minutes before we had and they managed to miss a tornado that crossed the road to home. As we approached the same area, the road was blocked off and we were about 20 cars out from the damage from that tornado.

While we patiently sat there waiting for news of the hold up, I was on the phone with both my boyfriend and parents trying to find an alternate route to miss the ominous clouds approaching from the rear. According to the fireman there was a store in the road ahead and they were trying to move the debris out of the way to move traffic along. Meanwhile the storm had dropped heavy rain and then pea sized hail on us and the winds were picking up. As the sky turned a funny color green-gray, my boyfriend was mapping the storm and assured us that we were at the north end of that cell. Thank goodness he was right!

My parents suggested we return to their home and spend the night until all of the storms had passed. No sooner than they had offered refuge, the debris was removed enough that we were able to safely travel homeward. Once we arrived home, we settled in for a peaceful night's sleep, or so we thought. Unfortunately, my back was not going to cooperate. I had been suffering with what felt like a pinched nerve in my back and it would end up sending me to the ER for treatment. All is well, only a pulled muscle, easily treatable with meds and bed rest for 3 - 4 days. No problem!

Talk about a day or twists, first a twister, then a twisted muscle! Thought the day went rougher for some than others, there were no deaths related to the storms in our area, and the injuries were minor. Overall, it was a most thankful Mother's Day!

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