Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats, Jenn!

Earlier this evening Jenn interviewed for her possible spot on the officers team in her local FFA Chapter. She was so excited that she developed an upset stomach, but she managed to pull herself together and gracefully answer all of the present officer's questions. According to her brother; who is the retiring Chaplain, she had a "really good" interview. After her interview we came home as she was still feeling a bit weak and settled in for the night.

Around 9:00 the phone rang. It was Uncle Steve calling to ask why she had missed the awards ceremony, he realized this as they called her name for an AG APPS (Agricultural Applications) Award, Principals List, and Honor Roll and she didn't appear on stage to receive her awards.

She was aware of the Principals List, and Honor Roll awards as she had received those in school. She was surprised by the news that she had also received the AG APPS Award! Even though we didn't get to see her walk across the stage for those we are so proud of all of her accomplishments this year!

On Monday, she also received a trophy for "Most Improved Color Guard" while she was at the high school's Band Banquet. She truly is an intelligent, beautiful, and caring young lady!

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