Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is starting a new franchise a good idea?

Imagine driving work in the early morning and spying a "Hot [Doughnuts] Now" sign. You stop by and pick up a dozen or two of the scrumptious delights and head on in to surprise your coworkers. Images like this have long caused me to wonder if a franchise of this products would do well in our area. I've also imagined myself as the manager of one such establishment, however I fear the start-up cost would be far greater than my imaginations. So, for now, we will visit our favorite doughnut shop on our way to visit my daughter in Virginia.

MMmmm ... I can smell that fresh hot glaze on those freshly baked pastries right now!

Reality Check: I know, it's not gonna help with the weight loss management, but it's gonna taste oh, so good!

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