Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Just before lunch yesterday I received a call from Jenn. She and Ryan were home from school for the day due to a teacher workday. Her voice didn't have it's usual tone to it, and within moments I would find out why. Our year old cat was sitting next to the bathroom door when Ryan entered the room and promptly shut the door for privacy.

What Jenn and Ryan heard next was the most bone chilling screech they had ever heard in their lifetime. Apparently, Lil' Man was sitting just a wee bit too close to the door and when Ryan shut the door ... you guessed it ... it caught the cat's tail in the door. Now he didn't just screech, he panicked and proceeded to run in an attempt to escape his captor. Unfortunately for him, he left behind him part of his tail.

Lil' Man had managed to remove over an inch and one half of his scalp and fur when he darted from the door before Ryan could open it. The screech had scared Ryan so bad he promptly opened the door, but Lil' Man was quicker. I can't even imagine the speed at which he tore across my living room.

In an effort to sooth the kids and take care of Lil' Man, I excused myself from work to give aide to my cat. As I arrived home he was in the tub with Jenn in an effort to keep him still and unable to decorate the house with liquid red. He didn't appear to be in any immediate pain, so I took him to the kitchen while I called a couple of area vets. We managed to get him to a vet by 4 pm and this morning he had surgery to remove the skinless tip of his tail.

He is home now, asleep on my couch, and his tail is doing nicely, no apparent pain, and not looking bad at all. Now, we'll just have to call him Stubby ... just kidding!

UPDATE: Sporting a New Style


Karen said...

Aw! Poor kitty.

goldengoddess said...

Thanks Karen! He is doing much better; now if he would just stop chasing my other cat around! LOL!

See his new style!