Sunday, April 20, 2008

Naked Naturals ... It's "G" Rated!

What do the words "Naked Naturals" bring to mind? All right, behave! It's "G" rated, as in great!

In 1987 I started coloring my hair out of a need to shake things up in my life. Being born a blond the natural thing for me to do was to return to my roots, and what better way to do that than go golden. Through the years I have tried countless combinations of shampoos and conditioner to maintain my healthy locks even though I was stripping it of it natural shade. Who would have imagined I'd have such healthy hair at my age?

When I first began coloring my hair my goal was to prevent it from ever becoming dry and brittle, you know, like those heads of hair that looked something like straw. It's always been important for me to utilize products that keep that natural shine and silky texture, without spending a fortune, not always an easy task. It appears that may no longer be the case.

I recently received a sample of Naked Naturals and thought since we've been trying more and more earth friendly products, why not a natural shampoo and conditioner. Well, not only did it leave my hair healthy looking after a couple of applications, it had a deliciously soothing fragrance!

Believe me, I have two teens and they both gave me compliments on the look, feel and smell of my hair after using "Naked Naturals" just twice. My daughter has already found the local pharmacy for me to purchase more for them to use. I like it that it's all natural, and since I color my hair, it's a big plus that it could make mine up to 7 times stronger than those synthetic brands.

Naked Naturals contains an ingredient in both the shampoo and conditioner called Keravis which increases hair strength, and adds to the flexibility while reducing unnecessary breakage. After twenty years of continued hair coloring, I need a product that will work on two levels to protect my hair follicles. This ingredient works to penetrate and moisturize making my hair feel fuller and supple, then it forms a protective coating to minimize any damage from blow drying.

I don't think I'd ever get tired of using Naked Naturals sweet smelling Awapuhi Lavender. It's nice to have your teens consider your shampoo and conditioner as likable, and not prehistoric!

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