Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Step in the Right Direction

We've all been there, done that kind of thing, when in our youth we did something we regretted doing. No? Well, then I must be among the few who have, but somehow I doubt that. I can remember times in my life, when it seemed that no one could hear my voice, that life was throwing me curves that were beyond my control, and that try as I might, there were no resolutions.

As each situation's intensity grew towards a climax, I felt the need to take drastic measures to make my life better. Though some of those measure were rough around the edges early in my life, they came to be more positive in nature, hoping for a workable solution. Sometimes those measures were purely survival for sanity. Regardless, I am sure most of them were necessary for my life's journey.

I have done my best to love, nurture, and respect all of my children and family. After all, none of us came with an instruction manual, but there are some wise counsel available to aid in our quest to become a more civilized lot of humans. Why then am I waxing philosophically? My daughter's recent visit reminded me that sometimes we have to experience great difficulties before achieving great successes.

For nearly seven years, one of my daughters has been away from home struggling with life's decisions. Do you simply sit back and allow life to dictate how you will spend your time here on earth? Will you allow other people's actions define who you are? How much of yourself should you give up to someone else before you lose your identity, or before you stand up for what you believe in? These are the questions she needed to find answers to, in order to turn things around in her life.

Our visit was sweet, healing in ways I had hoped, thought it will take time to grow moving forward. And even though there is still a lot to explore together, she made a very big step in the right direction. She overcame her fears to face her family, to allow them to love her for who she now is, for who she wants to be, for a new beginning in her life.

We often have many things in common with our children, some they may never realize or like to admit. Like my daughter, I am sure there are some things I would change, but only if the people that I love most in my life, and those I wish I had met in my life, would remain in its entirety, as a part of my life. In reality, I am very fortunate to have people that genuinely love me, and I pray that she sees she does too.

So, here's to all of us ... Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Live it to its fullest, surrounded by those we love, sharing love, laughter, and life together! Thanks to all of you for filling my life with wonderful moments, and for being there with me when I too, took steps in the right direction!

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