Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Needs Memory Now?

Apparently, I do! After our trip to Tennessee this passed week, we headed home from Mr.D's place to finish out our camping adventure. We were about thirty minutes into the trip when I received a call from Mr.D who let me know I had left my modem to my computer. It's bad enough that I need a dell memory, but now it would seem that I need a new memory of my own. It wasn't bad enough that I forgot it, but my son saw it and thought it was a part of Mr.D's vehicle tracking equipment, and Mr.D thought it was a project he had been working on. So, I didn't feel so bad when they both told me they saw it sitting on the table and didn't think to ask about it.

Now who was it that needed more memory? ;)

PS Thank you "Mr.D" for mailing the modem, it arrived safely today as our USPS promised ... I only had to wait an hour after work for the mailman to arrive! LOL!

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