Friday, July 25, 2008

6:00 a.m. comes early!

Tomorrow morning we will rise up from a sweet nights sleep and set out on our adventure for the day. We will travel about three hours north to meet my oldest daughter and her husband. They will be taking Ryan for a two week visit, one of his adventures of his junior summer vacation. He is excited as his sister has given him a list of types of clothing to bring along for some kind of surprise. They will be making a trip to see his brother in the western part of Virginia, and may be doing some hiking, boating, or swimming. Neither one of us knows for sure since Lisa didn't tell me what she had planned for their trip.

Then Jenn and I will head southwest for a weekend of visiting with Mr.D, movies, PS2's DDR, and some odd jobs to earn her money for her next adventure with the FFA Chapter here in eastern NC. It will most likely be more visiting for her than work, but she is excited to be doing anything other than eight hours of color guard routines. Altogether, it sounds like our adventures are a recipe for summer fun! So, I will bid you goodnight, as six o'clock in the morning comes early indeed!

PS Speaking of recipes, I'm looking forward to discovering what someone's special secret is to his famous tuna melt! ;)

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