Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Pharmacist Suggests Alternatives

Last night I spent seven and a half hours in the emergency room. I had initially gone in to have my ankle looked at since it was swollen and it hurt to move it to the right or left. It felt a lot like a sprain but I didn't remember hurting it. By the time I was seen by the doctor, I not only had an aching ankle, I had a full blown UTI. Apparently the eucalyptus bath to relieve the swelling in my ankle didn't agree with my body. Lovely. Anyway, once I arrived at the drugstore I asked for the generics for all three prescriptions. The pharmacist gave them quick glance and knew right away that the best alternative for one of the medicines was an over the counter remedy. His advice saved me $6.00 and when you are on a strict budget, every savings helps! See, not everyone is out to take advantage of you!

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