Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Additions

During our visit in Tennessee we had the pleasure of meeting the youngest addition to Mr.D's extended family, little Miss Madison. Here she is with her mother and grandmother enjoying some "me" time. She is nearly five months old now, and is a real cutie!

Madison's mother and father are planning on adding two more to their happy family of three to make it a full house. The proud parents don't want to wait too long between each addition, hoping that the closeness will allow them more time to enjoy their children. Our best wishes to all of them as they grow and learn together.

It's hard to believe this beautiful young lady is a grandparent!

Isn't it amazing how one so small can inspire such joy?

Madison, dressed in her patriotic outfit, is ready for the fireworks!

Here they are enjoying something interesting on the television for a brief moment in time. Hopefully, these two will enjoy countless more moments together as Madison grows up. It's so nice to have family nearby when you are raising your young family. It's also nice to visit with your grandchildren, shower them with love, and then kiss them goodnight as they return home with their parents.

It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Madison!
See you on our next trip to Tennessee Ü

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