Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When's the Party!?

Every summer a friend of ours and "Mr.D" write scripts for two murder mystery pool parties. So far we've had a prickly pineapple luau, an 80's rock star gathering, a fashion designer's show (models included), and a pirate's treasure hunt. We've yet to hear what the theme is for this summer's parties will be, but I hope it's not anything to cumbersome like renaissance costumes.

Let's face it, they are far to hot for the summer, and if you get thrown into the pool it could make it a bit harder to rise up from the drink! It would be ideal for a party thrown in the fall of the year. Hey, "Mr.D" do you know anyone with a birthday in October? We could forgo the pool as it might be a bit chilly?

Hmmm ... thinking ... oh, wait, that's not my job! LOL!

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