Monday, June 30, 2008

Speed or Skills?

In the seventies my parents were involved with a sports car club that would inspire the race car driver in me. When they started they would take part in rallies that involved scavenger hunts. These races allowed any sports car, so my parents dragged us along in the Volvo they owned. It was a lot of fun. My father would drive while my mother navigated the trip. Where most races require speed to win, but this type of race was won by how well the driver's steering racks up points assisted by the navigator. They had to work as a team, driving each leg of the race with great detail. They were equipped with a list of landmarks, distances, and time frames in which to reach their destiny and complete the course in the fastest time. Speeding was not allowed. The course had been mapped out and the timing was regulated, so arriving too soon would cost you points. Learning to read your odometer, maintain your speed, and identify your landmarks became of the utmost importance. I'm sure it helped having lots of landmark watchers along for the ride. Whether you choose a scavenger hunt or a speed skills course, both require speed and skills, just on different levels. I took the faster, sexier, I mean sportier ride!

That's right! I'll drive a 1 litre formula 3 any day!

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