Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Replacing Siding from Decades Ago

Our house is undergoing a face lift of sorts. When we moved in nearly four years ago, the landlord had renovated the inside of the house but had not done any improvements to the outside. It's a cute little dwelling but really needed to be updated with its look.

This month he decided it was time to start some much needed repairs beginning with the face lift. He had once told me that if he put siding on the house he would have to raise my rent. I assured him that if he raised it, I would have to look for other living arrangements. This house is all I can afford on my 28 hours per week, but that's another story. He also told me that if he puts in central heat and air he will do the same. My offer remains the same too!

Back to the siding. It is in sad repair, so much so that I was told by a reliable source that it was so old that there might be some asbestos in it. I'm no expert on asbestos, but isn't that what causes mesothelioma? My sources have told me that if the siding contains asbestos it cannot be removed from the building it is on, but has to be sided over in an effort to protect the installer from asbestos particles flying around in the air.

My landlord said the siding was free of asbestos but I am not so sure I believe him. Since the dwelling was probably built in the late 40's maybe early to mid 50's, it could be a possibility. Either way, he decided to replace any weakened boards and side over the existing siding. Whatever works for him.

All I know is that this little cottage of mine is looking good!

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