Friday, June 20, 2008

Progress in the Garden

It's been about six weeks since Jenn finished planting her tomato garden and it's coming right along. You can see from the pictures below how much the plants have grown. If all goes well, we should soon have lots of red, juicy, beef steak tomatoes to share with friends and family. Like all other home grown in NC, these will not effected by the recent recall for salmonella. It's funny how Jenn chose to plant tomatoes, especially since she doesn't like them at all. The marigold didn't seem to grow much at all, but they still produced flowers. Great job, Jenn!

Tomato plants as the garden is first planted.

Those same plants four weeks later.
Wow, what growth!

I wonder if we can get a flower bed planted in the front of the house before the 4th of July?


Kate said...

We're growing our own tomatoes this year, too, and our neighbors are already bidding on the first harvest. Guess everyone's getting sick of this salmonella thing.

Photobuch said...

A job well done Jenn.The plants looks so good in the pictures.I m sure soon you will be making tomato ketchup!!