Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomato Worms?

Today when I arrived home, I checked the tomato plants to see how they were weathering the hot temperatures. To my surprise I found a beautiful 3 inch worm suspended from one of the first plants. Though its beauty is magnificent, it is a harmful predator to my garden.

I promptly ran inside to get my camera to capture this unwanted visitor. It had eaten all of the leaves off of an eight inch stem of the plant. I checked online to find out that it is what is called a "Hornworm" the common enemy of the tomato plant. One of the sites I visited had a gentleman that collects the worms, so I will check his site out and see why he is interested in these live worms.

For now it is in a container in my kitchen eating on a part of another plant that is not doing so well. It appears to have some sort of root rot or over watering problem. I'll need to look that one up online too!

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