Saturday, March 1, 2008 & Mother Earth

About a month ago, I wrote about our efforts as a family to become Eco-friendly to dear "Mother Earth" by recycling tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bags, bottles and containers, glass bottles, and cardboard. After all, it only makes sense to return to the earth those things that come from the earth. Since many of these items are often not biodegradable, we've been trying to think of ways to streamline our use of those items.

Unfortunately, we are as guilty as the next guy who frequently uses plastics in an effort to maximize time for other things we'd rather be doing on any given day. Though it might make sense, we realize we have to find a way to this into a positive thing, So how does one recycle those things that are disposable yet seemingly recyclable?

Thank goodness there are companies like who have devoted themselves to developing ways for us to contribute in our quest to becoming "green" in our ever growing world of disposable waste. They offer hundreds of Eco-friendly products, referred to as green products, many of which I find very intriguing and humorous to think about.

I live in the countryside and utilize a septic tank system for waste; still a flush toilet uses a lot of water to clear its contents. The article on "Farewell to Flush and Forget" was an eye opening read. The composting toilet system makes a lot of sense when it comes to conservation of water, and since we are currently in a part of the country that is suffering from the lack of rain, the need to conserve water becomes paramount.

The humorous part of such a system is that it is reminiscent of a facility of old; the outhouse. Fortunately, it's more luxurious, though a bit more expensive, yet obviously more comfortable in the dead of winter in Wisconsin. Could we persuade our government into issuing a similar residential energy, water conservation, or Eco-friendly credit for these types of improvements for the coming tax seasons? Good food for thought.

In addition to offering Eco-friendly products, practices what they preach by being "green" on site, by supporting charities that share their goals like Oceana and Healthy Child Healthy World, by hosting "GreenMusings" a community for sharing "going green" stories and photos. So, stop by, read the articles at the Learning Center or posts on GreenMusings; you'll be glad you did!


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