Monday, March 3, 2008

High School Drama

Think back. It's 1955, or 1972 and you're around fifteen years of age, a freshman in high school. In the fifties, there were sock hops, drag racing, and teenagers in love, lust, and trouble from time to time. In the seventies, there dances at the teen club, less drag racing, and again teenagers in love, lust, and in trouble from time to time.

Step forward to today. There are dances, including 8th grade proms, fully decked out dress, even fewer drag races, and still teenagers in love, lust, and in trouble from time to time. So what is the difference? Drama!

Yes, I said drama. I don't remember there ever being this much drama, but then again, I was pretty independent, had friends from every walk of life, and was not one to judge someone for their abundance or lack of intelligence or anything else for that matter. However, with two teens in the house, I have become painfully aware of drama that seems totally unnecessary. From girls who will not let go when a boy says its over, to boys who cannot get the message that she is not interested, even when those messages are delivered in person.

The drama doesn't end there; there is also the seemingly endless bickering between girls over who is who's best friend. I had lots of best friends. It was not uncommon being raised military. We tended to bond and stay bonded as long as we were stationed at the same base. I was fortunate enough to have had eight years in one city and so I attended two elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high school in the area. Most of those years were on base and most of my best friends were those I spent the eighth grade through my sophomore years with at base schools.

I don't remember telling my parents about troubles with other teens, unless there was some type of imminent danger lurking around a corner. For now, I continue to listen, offer my advice if asked, and step in when and if necessary. It's all a parent can do, take one day at a time, and judge each situation on its own merits.

How dramatic were your high school years?

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