Monday, March 10, 2008

Time with loved ones ...

The morning was cool, sunny, and filled with love. As I stood in the driveway I waved to my boyfriend who was headed home after a visit with the kids and me. Though the visit was short, it was both fun and healing. The remainder of the day would be spent visiting family. Because I live just 40 minutes from my parents and three of my brothers, we decided to make the journey down to see some of them for the day.

One of my younger brothers has recently married and purchased a new home, so we started our visits at his home. It was a two-fold visit; to see them and their new home, and to pay a debt. He had helped us out financially before Christmas and during this visit I would repay that debt. He had insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but I like to keep things in balance. We have been very fortunate to have so many help when things get really tough, it's not easy when the ex continues the inconsistencies with regard to his obligations of support.

Once we arrived at Uncle Neal's, he gave us the grand tour of the house. Our visit went really well, as he had the kids in stitches with laughter, telling them stories about his new wife's twin aunts (Reba and Rita) who are in their late eighties. After that we ventured outside to see the yard and to meet "Mr Bruno" (the cat that came along with the house). We would later find out from Sandra that Neal actually sings to the cat ... too funny!

As Sandra pulled up into the yard from her shopping trip, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful new hairdo she was sporting. When I mentioned it she laughed and asked if Neal had asked me to say that ... LOL! Evidently, they had visited her family and ours and no one had noticed, on the other hand I am very preceptive! We stuck around a bit longer to visit with them both. Sandra is such a welcomed addition to our family!

Next our visiting took us to my parents home where my older brother also lives. We haven't been able to visit them due to the cold and flu season, as either they had the flu or my kids had the flu. Since my Dad is in his seventies and has emphysema it is imperative that we don't bring in any viruses when we visit. So, since we were all healthy this weekend, it seemed like a good time to visit.

I enjoyed my time with Mom and Dad in the living room talking about work, the kids, "Mr.D" and his visit, and watching the UNC vs Maryland game together. The kids spent the evening watching TV in the computer room, popping in and out of the living room to talk to the grandparents, and back in the guest room talking with their Uncle Greg. I'm glad this was a weekend spent with those I love; it has proven to be both relaxing and healing.

By the way, UNC won!

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