Saturday, March 8, 2008

Three Days Off!

Good morning! This weekend will be the first normal weekend for me since tax season began in January. We've been working 70 plus hours each week until mid February when we lessened the hours to 60 plus. We are now in the 50 plus mode and when asked to pick a day off each week, I jumped at the chance to have a Saturday and Monday off together in the same weekend.

So, how will I spend the weekend? Well, "Mr.D" was planning to come here this weekend, but work may prevent that from happening unless he gets the bulk of what he does done. In the meantime, we are getting things done around the house, catching up on things here on my blog, and doing some visiting with family later this weekend.

This is such a welcome break, so, I had best get busy in case I have a visitor. ;)


Jen said...

Make sure to take time for yourself! Don't over do it! Hopefully all of it will be over soon! LOL!

goldengoddess said...

It was a good weekend! "Mr.D" managed to squeeze in some time for all of us and we had a very productive visit. My youngest was feeling a bit down and needed some bonding with a father figure and his visit did the trick. She is feeling much better, but there is still more to do to help her feel good about herself. As for time for me, it's coming soon!