Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Remembering old friends ...

While visiting over at "The Pond" I read a post titled "My Friend the Stuffed Animal" which reminded me of one of my favorite toys from my youth. As I mentioned to Karen, my great grandmother (affectionately known as "Big Mama") had a stuffed monkey that she kept at her home for all of us to tote around when we would visit. He wore a yellow shirt with red trim, with the name "ZIP" in large black letters, red overalls with green buttons, and white shoes (the ones that looked like toddler shoes). We all toted him around, but for some reason he was my favorite! I even gave him his own nickname; "Zeek" after a neighbor who lived right around the corner from my grandfather's house. Shortly after "Big Mama" died, we were all invited to her home to see if there were any items we'd like to have in memory of our time with her. I chose Zip, and for years afterwards, my children laughed and played with him. Last I saw him, it appeared that he'd lost his britches; darn that silly monkey! We'll need to go shopping and find him some new ones straight away!

So, what was your favorite toy from your youth?


Karen said...

You must have found him! Yay! Thanks for mentioning me in your post.

goldengoddess said...

I was able to find a picture of him, and hopefully when I do my spring cleaning, I'll find him in one of those many boxes in the attic. My children remember playing with him, and I cannot imagine disposing of him. We'll see what I find in a couple of months, for now, it's nearing that dreaded April 15th deadline for filing one's taxes. :/

As for the mention; I really enjoy reading your posts!