Sunday, July 22, 2007

Update: When teens have fall outs ...

When Jenn checked her new messages this morning she found one from her friend (we'll call her Amelia) regarding the fall out from last year. They had been sending messages back and forth this last week because Amelia left a nasty message about Jenn's newest best friend. Her message had some colorful instructional language, and an equally colorful descriptive name for Jenn's newest best friend. To say the least, Jenn was angered with Amelia and let her know that she was not happy with the message. She let Amelia know that she felt that she had been ignored the last few weeks of school and that based on how Amelia was acting now perhaps they should just remain on cordial speaking terms as they will be on the same color guard team. The response was dramatic, something about how hurt she was and that she had never ignored Jenn. Jenn decided not to respond back just yet. Then a few minutes later Jenn's sister that lives in NJ sent her a message saying that Amelia wanted her to be her friend on an online site. Jenn asked Pamela not to accept the invitation as there was really no need for Pamela to be talking to Jenn's friends (whether Jenn and the friend are getting along or not); but as Pamela does, she does and she added Amelia to her group of friends (not a positive thing to do). I hope Jenn well keep her head about all of this and not let the drama include her.

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