Sunday, July 29, 2007


We woke up this morning, ate breakfast, and packed the van to head home from our visit with "Mr.D." We accomplished all the things we needed to and had to get home and prepare for the week ahead. Little did Ryan and Jenn know that we were about to have a visitor for the week.

About three weeks ago, "Mr.D" found out that he had to attend a training class for some engineering software program his company had recently purchased. The locations where they were holding the class ranged in distance from his house anywhere from 1 hour to a flight to Texas. He had a choice of locations and there just happened to be one here in our town. So, he put in his request and it was granted!

We didn't tell Ryan and Jenn because there was the chance they might cancel the class here if there were not enough students registered in time. So, as far as they knew "Mr.D" was headed to a class somewhere in NC or TX. Just as they finished unpacking we heard Jenn exclaim, "Mr.D's here?!" Imagine their surprise as he walked through the door with something Ryan left behind and said, "you guys are hard to catch up with!" We all laughed.

His class sessions will last through Friday, and instead of him staying in a strange town or out of state, eating out every for every meal, or having to drive an hour or more to class each day, we thought staying here would be a nice idea. This way we get to see each other, he doesn't have a long commute, he can relax in the evenings and eat home cooked meals. He will still have to catch a bite out while attending class in town, but it's nice to have him come "home" in the evening. ;)

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