Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Humor Has It

It's not that often that you find a blog that is both entertaining and informative, but over at Adapt, Adopt & Improve you'll find a lot of cleverly written, wit filled posts, as well as a variety of informative, instructional and more serious posts from time to time. Whether you are looking for a good chuckle or information on technology, this author has a bit of it all and sometimes with a twist of humor!

One of his recent posts; Banks at The Outer Banks, is a favorite of mine! Being raised in NC, this particular post rings true about the odd way we tend to refer to our local areas. This author make perfect sense to me when he asks the type of questions he asks about the banks of the outer banks of NC.

Having lived in Virginia just 30 minutes west of Interstate 95, I'd always wondered why we called that area "Northern VA"? Let's face it, Virginia looks like a lopsided triangle that leans to the right. So technically, we were located in the northeastern part of the state. After all it's not like "NOVA" is its own state!

What clever declarations does your state have about its local areas?

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