Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Relaxing on the Tennessee River

This year we spent the 4th of July weekend in Tennessee with "Mr.D" and his family. Our trip started with a stopover in Asheville, NC for the night on Tuesday. We arrived Wednesday afternoon at Simonne & Gary's early enough to relax a bit before Theresa, Ed and Celine arrived for the cookout complete with fireworks and fun. After a good night's rest, we headed into Nashville to the mall on Thursday to see some of the sites. Then on Friday we went into a nearby town to an Irish pub for lunch and to check out all of the shoppes in the historic district. Later that day we had another cookout over at Theresa & Ed's place complete with live entertainment; Celine on her slip & slide! Saturday we went out on the Tennessee River with Simonne & Gary for some relaxation. As we traveled down the peaceful waters of the river, we wondered why we had waited until then to come to the river. Next time, we agreed to make plans to stay at the camper there at the marina. Sunday came all too soon and we had to head home to NC. The trip was long but enjoyable; all in all this was a great 4th of July celebration!

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