Sunday, July 22, 2007

Online Occupations

In 1999 I started working online for an educational website that offered practice tests for students grades 1 - 6 to aide them in their quest to excel on the test that are given each year in VA. There was a team of teachers, syntax editors, web developers and the owners who both worked on the sets for the website for content and handled the marketing of our product. At the time our only competitor was who has now added grades 7 - 12 to their practice tests. However, time and inability for the powers to be to agree on techniques on marketing would prove to be our demise. I thoroughly enjoyed that job as I not only edited the sets in all subjects, but I also put together link pages in each. I would love to find this same type of work online, the idea o telecommuting sounds great considering the price of transportation these days. The search continues for online occupations!

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