Friday, July 20, 2007

Sorrowful Discovery

During my visit at the employment security commission office today I made a sorrowful discovery; Jason Fadness (age 21) had been killed in an automobile accident. I was researching his parents address to add to my resume when it pulled up the article about the crash. A sudden wave of shock and then sorrow rushed through me; I can only imagine their grief. We've known his family since 1990 when we started working for them. Over the years the relationship went from that of employers to friends and we were able to spend time together out in Maryland at their bay house on the Chesapeake. Their three children, Jennifer, Jason and Sarah were all in the age ranges of our children; Pamela was closest in age to Jason. We had a great fun and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. One tends to be thankful for those closest to them when something like this occurs. One of five children myself, I am so very thankful to still have all of my brothers in my life and to for us to have all of our children healthy and happy. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Lyn, Jeff, and the girls, as we mourn with them. Jason was an intelligent, creative, and funny young man with a beautiful smile; he will be missed but not forgotten. Here's hoping that those closet to him; including his friends, will honor his memory by living their lives to the fullest!

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