Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chewy or Crisp?

A couple of weeks ago, two of my coworkers and I went to one of our favorite lunch spots instead of ordering out. It's famous for its Greek cuisine, but the also cook American favorites. Since their large subs are too much for one person to eat, and only a $1.00 more than their half subs, Joann and I will split a large BLT sub, and order a large order o onions rings.

As we began to eat our lunch, Joann and I both gave each other a puzzled look. At nearly the same time we asked, "Is your bacon chewy or crisp?" The answer was a resounding "raw"! There is nothing worse than undercooked bacon on a BLT. We asked the waitress if she could have them cook the bacon a bit longer and send our sandwich back out. She said they would just have to make another sub, and then huffed off.

For a moment before realizing that the bacon was undercooked, I thought perhaps the restaurant had joined some kind of bacon of the month club and were experimenting on their customers. Boy was I wrong! For the time being, when we order lunch from this restaurant we do not order our usual BLT, instead we stick with the tried and true Veggie sub. I guess you could say we are "pork" shy from the experience.

Chewy or crispy, I like my bacon COOKED!

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