Sunday, November 23, 2008

A 10 Day Stretch

As I mentioned earlier, this ten day stretch is going to be a dozy! Pamela will come in on Tuesday morning, she'll sleep while I am at work, then we will get to spend the evening together before I go to work on Wednesday. Thank goodness the kids are out of school that day, they can all spend time watching movies, talking, and having some fun. The around noon my boyfriend should arrive adding one more to the mix of fun. I'm hoping to see him for lunch should he sneak by the office first before going to the house.

I'm not real happy about having to work while either of my guests are here, but at least we will all get to spend Thanksgiving day together at my parents house. I just wish Pamela could stay longer as she and I rarely get to spend time together. Fortunately, this will not be her last trip home, she is planning one around her birthday during tax season. Let's hope she comes before our mad rush and long hours. She will leave Thursday afternoon and drive straight through to home. Ever notice that now matter how old our children are, we worry about their safety?

Friday we all plan on relaxing around the house. Saturday we want to get the dryer hooked up so we won't have to go to the laundry mat again. Perhaps Sunday we can find some alone time for just us, "Mr.D" and me of course. Right now, I'm just hoping I'll have the time to get all of the things done before anyone arrives next Tuesday. Laundry and work today, work and housework tomorrow, I'm going to be like that lady on television in the bathtub ... Calgon, take me away! We definitely need one of those cast iron tubs ... yeah!


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