Monday, October 8, 2007

What do you take for a headache?

I guess that would depend on what gives you the headache. If you get a sinus headache it helps to take something that will alleviate the sinus pressure thus relieving the pain. For a migraine headache one might take anything from an over-the-counter pain reliever followed by ice packs, neck rubs, and sleeping upright in a recliner, to prescription pain relief. What about those celebrities who suffer with headaches from painfully swollen lips? Would they benefit from taking the same Botox for headaches of this nature? Curious isn’t it? Take it from this migraine sufferer, prompt relief is always appreciated!


Karen said...

Mom gave me a migraine advil last night that worked really well. I take allergy shots and that has helped my headaches so much. I used to have bad ones every day.

goldengoddess said...

Thanks Karen! I wasn't aware that Advil had a migraine specific medicine; I'll have to pick up a bottle of them for those troublesome headaches. My migraines started at age 9 and grew in severity until after I had my first child at age 24. After that my headaches began to occur farther apart. Eventually I learned what set them off and most times could treat them before the extreme pain levels were reached. Sometimes I wondered if the stresses of a bad marriage multiplied their frequency. I have noticed less of them since my divorce. It's amazing what effect stress has on one's body and how relieving that stress can reverse the ill effects.