Saturday, October 13, 2007

FFA Motorcycle Benefit Ride ...

Today was my son's FFA Chapter's Poker Run Benefit Ride to raise money to send students to the National Leadership Convention in the fall of the school year. It was their first time trying their hand at a motorcycle event type fund raiser and they managed to get a really good sponsor for door prizes. As it turns out there were only 10 riders on 8 motorcycles to attend. When it looked like it was not going to be what the students had expected, we all put on our thinking caps and went to plans B, C, D and more ... LOL! We ended up selling tickets at the stops along the biker route and those went into the drawing for the grand prize. The riders ended up taking home lots of door prizes from the raffle tickets and one rider took home a nice cash gift from the 50/50 drawing. As for the 100 bar-b-que plates for the event, we put up a sign in front of the school at $5 per plate, and called friends and neighbors in order to sell the rest. We sold all but 30 plates and the student raised $300 for the day. It was not bad but not as good as it could have been, so the sponsor is going to organize another ride (he owns a motorcycle business) and benefits will go to the FFA at my son's school. Why would this man do this? He is a former FFA student and a successful businessman looking to give back to his community. What a great way to give!

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