Friday, October 5, 2007

Coach, what were you thinking?

Tonight our high school played football against a tough team. It was great to watch them keep this powerhouse team at a score of 14 throughout the night. They had scored early on and we answered back with one touchdown but we needed to get another before the night was finished. Then with one minute and twenty seconds left in the game our team threw a touchdown pass. The game now stood at 14 - 13 and we only needed the extra point to have a tie game and go into overtime for a better chance at beating the other team. There were two time outs. The team returns to their positions, they line up and the ball is hiked to the quarterback instead of a kicker ... WHAT??? The quarterback throws ... the man is open but with men around him ... the ball nearly lands in the opponents hands but falls to the ground ending the game with a loss!

We all figure they will do the smart thing and go for the extra point and not a two point conversion. WRONG! WHAT WAS THE COACH THINKING? Did he have a hot date? You should have heard the moaning from everyone in the stands.

Even us GIRLS knew it was smarter to tie up the game and go for a win in overtime!


Karen said...

Wow! He must have had a brain fart!

goldengoddess said...

Hi Karen, I totally agree ... LOL! I'm just thankful that my student was in color guard and not on the football team. They had worked so hard to keep the other team from scoring that it seemed to be unfair to get that close and not try to tie the game for a chance to beat them in overtime. Another parent simply said she was thankful they tried for the conversion as she was ready to go home ... that's another subject altogether. :X