Friday, October 26, 2007

Heartbreaks & Colon Cleanses

Both are gut wrenching, leave you with an unsettling feeling, and can painfully remind you that you are alive. Online dating might be as annoying to some as having a colon cleanse done is to others. Personally, I think the latter would be less painful though, but then that's just me. It's easier to forget the discomfort of a reaming of the ... well lower regions, than a reaming of the heart and soul. Wow, what an idea! What if it were as easy to cleanse the toxins from your heartache as it is to rid your innards of its waste?

For all of you suffering from heartache ... forget the cleanse, you're not going to need it right now! Nature will take its own course and you'll be back into living life and having fun once again, just remember to take it slower this time. :)

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