Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Young Love, Do You Remember the Heartbreaks?

Yesterday, I watched as my son (age 16) once again exhibited a strange behavior. I suspected he and his girlfriend were having problems and before the evening was over he ended up sharing the news. He and his girlfriend come from two different worlds in some ways. Even though they both come from broken marriage families, both her parents live nearby and dote over her. She has most everything teens have now-a-days, cell phones (yes, she has two), her license and a car, and a job. Ryan's father lives in another state, he has not seen him in more than two years (father's neglect), and since I am unable to afford the extra insurance he doesn't yet have his license. He doesn't seem to bothered by it, but deep down I am sure he wants it soon! He has a part time job in the spring officiating lacrosse games as our area doesn't have an older team for high school students. So, as you can see, his girlfriend has had to do more as a girlfriend since his resources are limited.

As he shared what had happened I watched his face turn from the hardened angry young man to a sorrowful one. He cried as he felt his heart was breaking, wanting the pain to stop. It appears that his girlfriend wanted him to get a job if he wanted to go to the prom with her. She told him if he didn't get one by this past Monday, that they would need to take a break and she would go with a guy friend to the dance instead of him. When he asked her why they needed the break, she said she would feel less guilty if they were not a couple when she goes out with the other young man.

Well, my son decided that the break needed to be for more than just a time. This was not the first time drama had entered into the relationship. I'm glad this time he made the decision to make the break and peacefully. Still, you never get used to seeing your children with a broken heart. It was nice to have him share all of this and he even listened as I explained that falling in love and risking getting hurt is all a part of life no matter what your age. I think he realized that I really did know how he was feeling and understood what he was going through.

For now, he will hopefully sink his energy into his school work and finish his SAE project early this time! Young love ... the heartbreak and the recovery!

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