Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Healing Time ... Rest and Relax

This weekend was supposed to be our adventure to TN to visit my boyfriend's family for their annual Super Bowl game festivities. As fate would have it, work, weather and exhaustion would win out over the choice to drive through the mountains enjoying the beautiful scenery and spend nearly three days full of love, laughter and fun. It had been a long week with the usual drama both at home and at work. When I arrived for dinner with "Mr.D" I was greeted with the warmest embrace imaginable ... sigh ... he gives such great hugs! We scooted off to one of our favorite's and while awaiting dinner we talked about our plans to head out for TN in the morning. We talked about the weather and how that might get in the way on our return trip and it quickly moved to how relaxing it would be to bunker down for the weekend and get some much needed rest. We were both fighting the onset of colds and really needed to rest. So, when we got home we called our families to let them know of our change in plans.

I have to admit that it was great getting to spend the time together without the pressures we meet each day. Imagine no wake up alarms, no work, no schedules to meet and no specific tasks to be carried out. Instead we planned to just kick back, watch movies, snuggle, sleep, eat when we were hungry and enjoy the silent moments together. It was great! On top of the rest, I had the pleasure of watching my man in motion on his drum set, and wow ... is he ever good! Our time was definitely restful and hopefully equally as healing for the body as it was for the heart and soul for both of us. The hardest thing to do was to head out to work Tuesday morning ... I wanted so badly to hit the alarm one more time and snuggle until noon ... or longer ;)

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