Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where have all the "Posties" gone?

In October of 2006, I began a new adventure involving my livejournal postings with an online marketing company called PayPerPost. It's been a wonderful journey, fun and exciting, full of puzzle contests and interesting subjects to post about, and rewards for participation in special events hosted by the staff at PayPerPost. Recently they upgraded their system to enhance the functionality for both advertisers and bloggers, however; what the final impact will be at this point is still a mystery.

Apparently, there seems to be a glitch in the ranking and scores for the bloggers and some issues surrounding the properly utilize and understanding of these newest features. Granted there will be follow up fixes and tweaking until the updates are successful. Understanding that the best laid plan would be to test all updates carefully before releasing them into implementation; the question that comes to mind might be, what was the staff at PayPerPost lead to believe would be the expected issues that could arise that would affect the vast majority of both their advertisers and bloggers in either a positive or negative way?

In my first month at PayPerPost I earned over $300 in additional income, and for this single parent it was wonderful! However, that amount has steadily fallen and with just days left in my cycle of calculating, this month's income might not even top $100. My goal when I started this adventure was to eliminate one of my three jobs, thus freeing up some time for my school studies and my children. How long will PPP be an active part of my quest to earn additional income if it continues to drop due to the inability to "Take This Opportunity?" Remember that these amounts are reflective of the posts from the previous month, as it takes 30 days from the approval of a submitted post until its maturity in order to be paid.

December $311.07 (Posts submitted in Oct - Nov)
January $256.32 (Posts submitted in Nov - Dec)
February $191.81 (Posts submitted in Dec - Jan)
March $ 79.27 (Posts submitted in Jan - Today)

So, as you can see March is going to be a bit of a stinger with the loss of income. Hopefully, I'll be able to find some quality posts out there for $5 each. If I am successful and can take two each day until the 14th of this month, then I should reach nearly $120 for the month. Not anywhere near the projected amount I had set as a goal for myself, but it's more than not being able to post to earn.

I really hope that PayPerPost fixes the issues this new release has caused in order for all of us to get back to posting. Before this release things at PPP were fun, exciting and very "Postie" friendly. If this implementations features continue to exclude its bloggers from earning at some reasonable level as before, PPP may lose many quality bloggers in the making ... thus the question ... "Where have all the "Posties" gone?

For me, I'll ride out this storm of controversy and the frustrating updates. PayPerPost has proven to be loyal to both their advertisers and bloggers so far, and I really don't expect to see that change. To Ted, the staff at PPP and all fellow bloggers, from one who has been through the start up of more than one company to their success, thanks for hanging tough and for listening to our groaning. You're the best!

Update to March's earnings: currently at $84.77 (results produced by nights of college studies as well as minimal opportunities for posting)

from PayPerPost: The company that was responsible for the page ranking working inside PPP has apologized for the "bugs" that caused the mis-matching of opportunities and bloggers. YAY!!! It should be resolved shortly, thanks goodness! Guess there'll be no need to sing any sad songs here ... more like "Happy Days Are Here Again!" LOL!

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