Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Today as I sat at my desk working, the warehouse manager rounded the corner behind me and said, "A box came for you today from UPS and I thought you might like to have it up here." I had no clue who he was talking to as there are at least four of us working in that general area and we ship things out everyday and have returns come in once in a while. I thought he was talking to Amy who does returns, so I didn't look until the box was placed in the chair next to me ... oops!

As soon as I saw it I told him with restrained excitement, "Yes, I do want it up here, thank you!" He smiled really big and left without another word ... I sighed just like I did right now as I recall that moment. I know, sentimental, but that's just me. As I opened the box I found a card inside that had the sweetest note and I just blushed :) Inside the box was a dozen red sweetheart roses with baby's breath (vase included), a small white polar bear and a box of chocolates! The flowers are absolutely beautiful and I'll take a photograph of them and post it here tomorrow.

PS for "Mr.D" I love you!

Click here for pictures :)

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