Sunday, November 18, 2007

Turkey & Stuffing & Pies, Oh My! Treadmills Anyone?

All of us ladies at work decided last week that we were eating out for lunch far more than we probably should, so we all decided to start different diet plans and exercise regimens. Maybe we should have thought this through more carefully, after all this week is Thanksgiving and there will be great temptations in store for us all. Perhaps instead of that usual slice of pumpkin pie topped with cool whipped topping we'll take a healthy helping of treadmills, rowing machines, or those daily routine walks as the temptations draw nigh!

It's turkey & stuffing & pies, Oh My!
If we choose to indulge may all go to our thighs!
Instead of delighting in such goodies this year,
We must all walk it off and pass by with a cheer!


gale said...

hahha great poem, i find it perfectly applicable to me come holiday season. i think i'm going to have duck this thanksgiving actually. SO much better though not traditional. have a happy turkey day !

goldengoddess said...

Thanks, Gale! A lot of people I know are trying other types of main dishes besides the usual turkey dinner. After all, who says it has to be turkey? Last year my brother tried to get something called a "durkey" the combination of duck and turkey. Although the thought sounds funny it is supposed to be a lot more moist than the turkey. I wonder what vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving day?