Friday, November 9, 2007

Stop! Hey what's that sound? Everybody look what's going round!

No, it's not the sound of me singing a 70's tune! And it's not anyone in my house sniffling and coughing like some people at work and school! Then what is it?

On Wednesday I dropped my van off at a local mechanic to have a noise checked out. They had the van all day and when I arrived that afternoon to pick it up after work I was advised that they had just gotten to it. They were in agreement that my driving it home wouldn't hurt it but asked that I bring it back in the next morning. I did as they requested and brought it back first thing on Thursday.

Just after lunch I got the call informing me that the idler pulley had to be replaced. Great! It could have been the water pump and that would have been a much more expensive repair. So, after work I picked the van up and it sounded wonderful, that is all except the brakes but that's another story.

Then this morning, like a bad penny it was back. I gave it the day to settle, drove it home and will try it again over the weekend. I sure hope that they fixed the right thing! More as it develops ... :/

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