Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving in NC this year ...

It's that time of year again, the one where families all around the America gather in celebration of a family tradition of feasting on a turkey dinner complete with stuffing, sweet potato & green bean casseroles, cranberry sauce, and assorted pies.

For the past two years my boyfriend and I have traveled west to TN to spend the holiday with his sister, her husband and their family. I will miss getting to see everyone, we always have such a great time when we visit. It's like a little adventure of our own. Thank you "Mr.D" for sharing your family with me and for spending this year with us in NC.

This year we will enjoy the day spent with family here in eastern NC. It used to be that I had to choose between holidays for visits with my family since we lived nearly seven hours away. It's been so nice living within an hour to all of them, now we can visit whenever is best for everyone.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to sneak down to my parents and spend the night. An evening of conversation, sitting on the sofa with my mom watching an episode of CSI, while my dad sits in his recliner doing crossword puzzles in pen.

So, this week will include preparations for guests, travel, cooking, and visits. We'll have a full house again, but I look forward to having it fuller in the future should our children move closer. Eight is enough sounds really good, it will make for lots of fun and celebrating when we are all closer together.

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