Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SAE Projects 2007

Three years ago, my two children and I moved to NC to be nearer to family. When my son started at the middle school here he started off on a not so good note. Since then he has done an about face on some interesting fronts. Never would I have imagined him joining the FFA. This year he is doing two SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) projects. The first which is due Friday is a renovated skateboard. Here is a drawing of the design for the skateboard.

His second project is repairing the deck. Here is a photo of the beginning phases of the renovation process. There were two panels that had several slats broken out and the top boards were in bad shape. When he is finished he will have replaced two panels, raised two sections, pressure washed the deck and applied a two-in-one stain and sealer to the entire deck and my swing.

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