Thursday, May 17, 2007

Make your own puzzle!

About a week ago, someone shared a link with me that lead me to a jigsaw puzzle which you have to assemble. There are lots of different puzzles to choose from, different puzzle piece amounts for each puzzle and you can even make your own! Here are a few from my collection:

Roses & Teddy Jigsaw PuzzleRoses & Teddy Jigsaw Puzzle

Lisa & Steve Jigsaw PuzzleLisa & Steve Jigsaw Puzzle

We Meet 2003 Jigsaw PuzzleWe Meet 2003 Jigsaw Puzzle

Picture Copyrights © Susan Leigh 2007

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog due to a temporary link Jig-Zone put up. Did all three puzzles by converting to 48 classic cut. Two of them have a theme. Not into that, but oh-well...It takes all types, including me.

Main reason for writing is to congradulate you for the change in what I assume to be your son. Yeah, he's still a "skater", but...that's just fine. Yes, even skaters can be good people. (However, the care you took to chronicle his sakteboard project shows that you already know that.)

You may say you had little or nothing to do with the change, but you provided the environment in which the change was able to occure. Way to go. The most important thing you did was let him be himself, whoever that turned out to be, and celebrate it when he figured it out for himself. That takes a good -- no an excelent parent. Keep up the good work.

Uthur, from the town by the sea,

goldengoddess said...

Thanks Uthur for your comment about my son. I'm not sure what qualifies one as a true skater, but he loves playing with his skateboard. He really isn't that good at it, has been more like the experimental skateboarder ... not really doing tricks that require a great deal of risk ... well, nothing like I have seen on TV! He is building his own "fun box" at school in the Ag class he is in, and I am sure he will bring it home and wear it out jumping around on it. At least he is having fun and it is a good outlet for those days when his sister gets on his nerves.

Tonight he had his awards banquet at school for the FFA and he was elected into the officers for the group, he is too excited. He says he feels a great deal of accomplishment within the organization and that is a good thing. Structure can be a very good thing, especially in these formative years prior to getting out into the "real" world.

If he learns more respect for others, a cooperative nature, and tolerance for the beliefs and practices of others as a result of being involved with this organization, then it is a good thing indeed.

As for my parenting skills, I do my best to encourage them to strive to excel with all their ability. The nice thing is that he found this avenue on his own and has embraced it. We do the best we can to be a positive influence and then you have to let go and let them grow.

You feel good as a parent when your teen sits with you to eat a meal in his honor, rather than him sitting with those cute girls that were swarming around him in the meal line ... LOL! I'll keep up the labor of love!