Thursday, March 1, 2007

Footprints In Our Hearts

Friends are like footprints in our hearts, they make impressions that last a lifetime. Last night I got an email from a friend of mine from where I used to live in VA, so I responded with an short update and some picture of my children. She had asked for my phone number and to my surprise she called tonight! It's been nearly seven years since we last saw each other and it seemed like it was yesterday as we talked. Our sons were best friends in pre-school and elementary school and it was so natural for us to be the best of friends too! I really miss all of them and it was great to hear her voice. I knew right away when I answered the phone who it was; she has such a uniquely sweet voice. Anyway we talked for well over an hour, during what time we caught up on a lot that has happened in the last seven years. What was too awesome to find out was that both her son and mine, play lacrosse and love it, they both play guitar and love their skateboards. I guess distance and time didn't effect their bonds ... LOL! Here they are all together ... a friend whose footprints have remained in my heart!

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